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Meet the Band

The GunBoat Kings are a 6 piece rock band based in the Orange County area of Southern California. As well as being talented and versatile musicians, GBK writes and performs all original material that reflects the band members’ varied musical influences, from deep classic rock, to jazz, blues, and R & B, with a taste of Philly soul thrown in for good measure.


At a GBK show, concert goers will immediately recognize the skill, experience and talent of the musicians, their unique individual creativity, and the diversity and soulfulness of the six musicians as a collective force.  


Primary songwriters Nick Calandrino and Elden Lisalda write music based on life experience. Nick and Elden both add sizzling guitar & vocal harmonies along with the added saxophone flavor by Elden to many GBK songs.


Tom Bellone and John Gulack brings soul and excitement via their Hammond organ and keys, adding both piano and strings to the mix. Tom is also a capable songwriter in his own right (although he’ll tell you he’s not a songwriter).


The rhythm section of bassist John Sleeger and drummer John Wilkinson add a tight, soulful & edgy groove to the heart of the music. 


The Gun Boat Kings reflect all that is good about the live music scene today, and are a welcome addition to any live show, both as headliners and as guest performers.

Tommy B.


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